BERG+SCHMIDT - production and distribution of lipids

BERG+SCHMIDT is one of the leading European companies specializing in manufacturing and distribution of feeding oils and fats. Fifty years of operating on the market gives our employees the right to cll themselves “Lipid Experts”. The company is a supplier of standardized fats in the form of both liquid and powder. Currently it is the leading world manufacturer of lecithinised feeding fats which are distributed among recipients all over the globe.


Safe transport

In order to secure our products during transportation in containers and tanks, they are isolated with a layer of neutral nitrogen. Liquid fat is shipped by specialised automobile tanks made of high-grade stainless steel. The product transported in the tank is nitrogen blanketed and subject to the temperature of 60°C. The tanks are equipped with compressors which allow for cramming the commodities to a considerably high level.


Flagship product

Our flagship products are BERGAFATS B which are manufactured solely from plant raw materials – in general our production is based on oils and fatty acids of rapeseed and sunflower oils. BERGAFATS B are standardized up to the specified contents of linoleic acid. Research has indicated that BERGAFATS can function very well as oil replacements.



We are not afraid of innovations and we have been continuously looking for new products to meet the ever growing demands of the market and the consumers. Thanks to the cooperation with numerous scientific research centres we can be sure that we will satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers. At the moment in the Polish market we have been offering feeding fats for all livestock breeds.